Saturday, 25 October 2014

International Cricket Team Logos Team India, England Team, Australia Cricket team logo etc...

Hi Cricket Fans... How many people know their national team cricket logo Here we kept all international  cricket logos for their nation. Here we all kept at one place. Total 18 International Cricket team logos added here. Names of the nationa and logos included here 1. England Cricket Logo, 2. Team India Cricket Logo, 3. Australia Cricket logo 4. Bangladesh-cricket-logo 5.bermuda-cricket-logo 6. Canada-cricket-logo 7. Ireland-cricket-logo 8. kenya-cricket-logo 9.Namibia-cricket-logo 10.Netherlands-cricket-logo 11.Newzealand-cricket-logo 12.pakistan-cricket-logo, 13. scotland-cricket-logo 14.Southafrica-cricket-logo 15.Srilanka-cricket-logo 16.UAE-cricket-logo 17. West Indies-cricket-logo 18. Zimbabwe Cricket Logo

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Cricket Team Logo

Cricket Fans & Cricket lovers eagerly waiting to know cricket updates from the World. It may be anything relevant to cricket is enough to enjoy lot. Today we are presenting Cricket logos for their nations  Ex: Indian cricket team logo, England cricket logo etc..
Here the Link we providing all cricket nations team logos at one place.

Cricket Tournament Online Passion...

Now a Days Cricket Tournament Organizations are making their cricket tournament online became passion. Player & tournaments organization are looking for online tools for cricket management.  How this possible !. Launching website for  tournament. This not a solution because there are many thing involved. Is this site supports for next season of the tournament, who will Update scores and etc.. technical involved and financial efforts.

How many organization take these type of risk... Its a Big question...!. Then they go for search simple pre online software or tool for cricket tournament / League.  What is online tool (or) management (or) software for their cricket tournament..  Is there  any way to make their cricket tournament manage in online free which suitable for your need that should be contain tournament schedule organizing,  online scorecard, teams, player, player profiles and statistics etc, points table, adding photo gallery etc.. based on you requirement. 

For Online cricket tournament system here you can check CricTrophy is providing you free online scoring system to your tournament apart from you can add tournament schedules, teams, players, pictures, individual player statistics, points table, man of the match, apart from score card you can post news updates, social sharing & commenting system.

Right now many corporate cricket tournament organizations, colleges, software companies, cricket clubs, cricket academies, cricket associations, sports event management companies  are using online cricket system facility. 

Now the trend for online cricket management Crictrophy

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Corporate Premier League Season 4 Starts in Hyderabad

This year Corporate Premier League Season 4 kick start from 18th October 2014 at Hyderabad. Near 24 Corporate teams in various companies in Hyderabad Participating this mega event. for more info
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