Wednesday, 19 March 2014 to publish your local cricket tournaments score, photos etc...


- Helps to organise your Cricket tournament.
- Maintains the information of your tournment details like matches, news and others here at one place.
- Lists others tournaments.
- News on ongoing cricket events.
- Provides the general cricket information.


- You can publish your cricket trophy details to internet.
- Everyone will come to know about you, your talent and skills.
- You can access this from Mobile Phones(Android app).

What it contains:

- Your League details, Rules and Contact.
- Seasons details.
- Grounds, Teams and the Players of the League.
- Photo Gallery and the Videos.
- News of the happening Leagues.
- Scores of the teams
- General cricket information and the Latest news of the happening events of the cricket.

Who can use this App?

Cricket Teams of your organisation, schools/Colleges or local cricket team or others who are interested to have the track of their matches and those who are interested to have their match events to be published internet.

Why should I use?

- This application Keeps track of your match details/events all at one place.
- Your family or friends might be interested to View your match details. As this app publishes the events online it provides the easy access.
- The people who watch your website might provide Feedback/suggestion that would help to improve your team's performance.
- Your individual performance would be rated that provides you an opportunity to improve your performance.
- Would influence other interested cricket players to come and join your team.
- You can watch and share your happy moments through Photographs and videos.
- Above all it gives you the happiness to see your individual and teams performance.

How to start?

Register: Sign into with your cricket trophy details for free and start publishing.